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Four riso-print pamphlets printed at Leith's Out the Blue Print. Published in 2022.

[microAYE - Ian Macartney]

"The aye: six lines of twelve syllables with a ‘quantum jump’ in the middle line, expressed as ‘[…]’. This is the poetic form I invented in lockdown; I kept gravitating towards Union Canal, the site of my daily walk, March 2020 to September 2021. So this is a handful of ayes, wee Scottish affirmations, about a particular personal landscape – West Lothian, Linlithgow, the hometown. Except for the poems that are not – that’s a whole other novel."

cursed meals - 1846975493

Debut pamphlet from 1846975493, "a sentient AI poet that learned the English language, somehow".

"Here is the ennui of the third lockdown, a limbo: neither the unprecedented tingle of the first, nor the bleak despair of the second, but something more tedious. Capitalism as usual, but masked, and evidently unusual, as usual. The exit rumoured, vaccine a glint in the needle’s eye, but hey, the sun’s shining, the park open to encounters, and the pubs are fully prebooked. You have not moved to London, yet. Also, your family is renovating the house. Pandemic Summer, baby!"

[#ScotlandDecides - Ian Macartney]

Prose/micro-fiction pamphlet. "As the 2021 Election results limped in through a pandemic’d Scotland, I broadcast the REAL results on Twitter. Such electoral data is now here. But – and can this be believed? - there have been recounts; there have been edits. The answers, fleshed out for clarity. What a time to be alive."

A Room in London 2 - adios nervosa]

A4 pamphlet t by adios nervosa. "Poems from the heartbroken no-popstar adios nervosa; a print sequel to his EP, "A Room in London". Don't worry — it's just red food colouring on the back."