WORLD-DREEM: An anthology of new(er) writing


A man is plagued by visions of the hollow earth. Onions sprout from a dreamer’s legs. American ghost hunters search for murdered spirits, and you’re skiving Wednesday P.E. to smoke on a riverbank.

This collection brings together bold and esoteric visions from the cutting-edge of Scotland’s young literary scene, and beyond.

This is a transmission from the otherworld.

Are you receiving?


Tom Byam Shaw
Rory Mullen
Miriam Schlüter
Ian Macartney
Ask Vestergaard
Mae Diansangu
Kieran Donnan
Seoras Eaglesham
Prema Arasu
Parawat Chang
Enxhi Mandija
Endija Lukstina
Arthur Allen
Fredrika Siden Cruz
Christopher Kestell
Jordan Stead
Blythe Stockdale
Shaw Worth
Savannah Brown
Murid L. Keshtmand
Orooj e-Zaffar